Wants to Master the Life Experience


Thank you for giving such opportunity. I have really serious issues and question regarding MY LIFE.

I’m a channel, and I went through ascension once in this lifetime, however, now I stuck in the lowest possible position (disability, very limited income, no date, my daughter doesn’t treat me well, can’t speak for more than 2 min because of vocal cords problem…), and with all my physical problems even if I try to do something on this level (I mean working) I get even worse physical condition. I’ve used so many energetic programs trying to resolve issues with health and finances, but effect was very little (if any). Looks like something preventing me from any actions on 3D level.  I’d like to find out what is blocking me and what I really need to do in my 3D and spiritual lives to get to MASTERY.

I attached here some of my artworks I’ve done using channeled patterns.

Higgins:     We will start with some statements for clarity:

1)  Channel means that non-physical beings communicate with you. Through you they speak to others in the physical realm.

2)  3D and physical realm are the same…they refer to the Earth Adventure.

3)  We are uncertain what ascension means to you. It is a word that has unclear energetic definement.

You state that you are “stuck in the lowest possible position (disability, very limited income, no date, my daughter doesn’t treat me well, can’t speak for more than 2 min because of vocal cords problem” and we want you to understand a couple of things:

1)  You are not stuck although it may feel that way. Actually you (unwittingly) hold yourself in this position.

Think of humans as beach balls. A ball can be held underwater or even tied down so it stays underwater but the instant that the ball is released it will pop back to the surface and float. Once you learn how to release yourself you will pop back to the surface.

2)  For the significantly greatest portion of your lives you are given complete free will and no intervention occurs from the other side that is initiated by the other side. If, however, one of you has a significant commitment (typically from pre-birth) that has not yet been achieved and you take action or intend to take action that will prevent the achievement of that commitment then the other side will step in to prevent that action.

A scenario could look like this: one of you is about to step off the curb into the street in front of an oncoming vehicle and are pulled out of harms way by some unseen force.

Occasionally a scenario is more like this: one of you has an idea or plan that will prevent the achievement of the pre-birth agreement and unseen forces prevent accomplishment of the goal thus in a way forcing you towards achievement of the pre-birth agreement.

Remember that intervention is unusual, even rare. What we’d like you to consider is that you are not interfered with or prevented from achieving the mastery you desire. Instead, these difficulties in your life are the pathway towards that mastery. Furthermore, your intentional pre-birth arrangement is playing out perfectly. You experienced something wonderful (ascension) and recognized that there is more to whatever it is you are. In order to master what it is to be human you arranged for yourself this wonderful opportunity for discomfort that would create in you a desire to master the physical experience thus reawakening to the Truth of Who You Are and returning yourself to that blissful feeling of ascension.

From this wonderfully uncomfortable, difficult and beautiful location in your life we encourage this: relax. Relax about life the way it is today with money not flowing and health so difficult. Today, life is what it is. We say this because how you respond to today’s life experience dictates what your future will bring. If you fret and worry over today’s events you will only bring more things to worry about.

Second, you are losing energy to these things that worry you. In a general way, energy flows from a primary source located just above the head, down the spinal column and into the Earth ending below the feet in the Earth’s crust. (That is why it feels so grounding to walk barefoot on the Earth and to spend time out of doors…it is most natural.) Energy is being sucked away and that makes you feel weak and ineffective. Also, other people sense the weakness and will sometimes treat you badly if they themselves are out of alignment with their personal Truth.

Think of yourself as a garden hose. The water is turned on but because the hose leaks from several locations there is very little water coming out the end. Realign your energy so it flows head to toe by intending something like this, “My energy flows in harmony with the physical expression of the Truth of My Being.” Use your hands to direct the flow from head to toe.

Additionally, you may need to reclaim energy that is lost to those not treating you well. Do this by saying, “Energy, stay with me.” As soon as you feel stronger ( a matter of seconds or minutes) then direct your energy to flow as in the previous paragraph.

Try these things for today. We will follow-up with more after you’ve had a chance to collect yourself.

Received June 4, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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