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How to Help Self Esteem

Question:     Hi Higgins.  Do you have any advice on how to help self-esteem?  Especially to attract a romantic partner? Higgins:     Yes. Let’s start with elevating self-esteem. Each of you is a segment of a Broader Being. Your Broader Self holds … Continue reading

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Does Higgins Have Any Advice For Me Finding A Great Job Fast?

Question:     Does Higgins have any advice for me finding a great job fast?? Higgins:     Friend, remember the life you are living now  is a result of the thoughts and emotions you’ve been emitting about work for the last several years. In a way today … Continue reading

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Where Is Mankind Heading? (Part One)

Question:    Where is mankind heading? Higgins:     Only one thing exists anywhere and that thing is the Prime Source of all life. There are many names for this Source; God, Goddess, Allah, Creator, Great Spirit. Regardless of name Source is the creative beginning of … Continue reading

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Emotional Crashes

Question:    It seems that when I feel I’m focusing pretty well on the positive and feeling pretty good something always happens to bring me crashing down (emotionally). Why is that? Higgins:     Envision a piano keyboard. Each key represents a note … Continue reading

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Tired of Being Spoken Down To

Offering from Higgins: Many of you are tired of being spoken down to. While you may not like our response to this we assure you that you do have the power to gently but firmly change the way people treat  … Continue reading

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Why Do People Always Turn Against Me?

Question:     Why do people always turn against me? Higgins:      We want you to recognize that people do not always turn against you. Perhaps people turn against you often but not always. When you set your mind and thoughts in the … Continue reading

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How Do I Nurture Compassion In My Marriage?

Question: How do I nurture compassion in my marriage? Higgins: The simplest way to promote a harmonious relationship of any kind is to spend a moment every day contemplating one thing you genuinely like about the other person. It takes … Continue reading

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Never Work For Pay

Offering from Higgins: Never work for pay. Work instead to make  your heart happy. Let the money follow. For some of you this will seem radical, as though you must quit your current job immediately. Not so. Start with an … Continue reading

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Likes and Follows

We have some new followers and I thank you all very much for like-ing and for following Ask Higgins. Higgins loves questions and questions drive their ever evolving development. There is no fee or anything like that for our responses, … Continue reading

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Marriages That Just Exist

Question: Higgins, will you speak about marriages that just exist? You know, where there seems to be no love left but the couple stays together anyway? Higgins: When two come together in marriage there is initially a drawing together. In … Continue reading

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