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Private Sessions with Higgins

A lovely window of opportunity has opened allowing me to offer Higgins publicly. I am now offering private sessions with Higgins via phone or Skype. Sessions last about an hour. Higgins especially enjoys conversation regarding the life experience. Higgins typically finishes a … Continue reading

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There Are No Problems

Higgins:     It is not a problem. It is clarifying data. Live session, July 23, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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Display Your Spiritual Gift

Higgins:     Each of you has a spiritual gift.  Look for a frame in which to display it. From a live session held January, 25, 2012 in Everett, Washington

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Find a Positive Thought

Higgins:     Every time you feel negativity arise within stop what you are doing until you find a positive thought, then continue. From a live session October 19, 2012, Everett, Washington

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Does Stuck or Negative Energy From A Patient Affect The Caregiver?

This question refers to the post,Why Do Some People Want To Die But Can’t, posted March 25, 2014. Question:     My first question involves caring for someone who is “stuck” as you call it. As a 24 hour care giver, does … Continue reading

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Why Do Some People Want To Die But Can’t?

Question:     My question is about very elderly people on earth. As an RN, I worked with very elderly patients in their 90’s that would say “God doesn’t want me—I’m still here.”  There was even a patient that could not respond in … Continue reading

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More On Spirit Guides

Question refers to post from November 28, 2013 entitled ‘Mixed Signals from Greater Self to Transgenders?’. Question:     Thank you, Higgins; this is helpful. I am surprised at the information about spirit guides and goals, though. I suppose that with people … Continue reading

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Where Is Mankind Heading? (Part One)

Question:    Where is mankind heading? Higgins:     Only one thing exists anywhere and that thing is the Prime Source of all life. There are many names for this Source; God, Goddess, Allah, Creator, Great Spirit. Regardless of name Source is the creative beginning of … Continue reading

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When Another Person Just Won’t Be Nice

Comment from Cheryl: This question is a repeat. The answer is new. The asker needs clarity and requested that Higgins responds somehow differently to the same question. Question: Hi Higgins, on Wednesday evening last you all were talking about dealing with … Continue reading

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