Why Do Some People Want To Die But Can’t?

Question:     My question is about very elderly people on earth. As an RN, I worked with very elderly patients in their 90’s that would say “God doesn’t want me—I’m still here.”  There was even a patient that could not respond in any way, had to be fed liquids in a syringe and lived like this for many years. She was 106 years old but with no quality of life. Once while working at a county home, I felt so sorry for an elderly lady that I held her hand and prayed that God take her back home. I read her obituary several days later. Now,  I am caring for my elderly mother who is 96.5 years old. She has congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, kidney failure and a chronic lung condition. She has had several strokes and heart attacks. During her last hospitalization her heart rate went to 30 beats per minute. She feels she has “lived too long”. My question, why do some people want to die but can’t? Is “modern” medicine wrong in using diuretics and blood thinners so that patients suffer longer?  Do we need to pray more for elderly patients suffering so long– for God to take them home?

Higgins:     Why do some people want to die but can’t?

Energy flows through the Universe (including the Earth Realm) in the way blood flows through your veins. Energy circulates, then re-circulates in the way blood is pumped from your heart to your body, back through the lungs for rejuvenation, then to the heart and back to body again. This thing, Energy, flows through all things. In a way, energy is all things.

The human body is a metaphor of planet Earth. Consider water. When a river dams those things down stream shrivel for lack of water.

Now consider energy as a river flowing through the body. When energy gets stuck parts of the body do not work as well and that is called disease.

Humans have forgotten that they are part of the Universal Flow, some of you call the flow God, Creator or Allah. They have forgotten the flow and that causes them to get stuck, much like water that is dammed. This stuck-ness causes illness, poverty, discontent. It also causes humans to resist death, even when the timing for death is right. Of course, you don’t do this on purpose. Regardless of your awareness of the flow it exists and you exist within it and are bound by the laws that bind energy.

Thus, when people want to die but can’t the primary reason is they are habitually, if unaware, blocking their personal flow of Universal Energy. They are stuck.

Your prayers for the elderly lady helped get her flow unstuck. Prayers only work if the person you pray for agrees with your request (on an energetic and unseen level rather than a verbal, conscious level) and participates by coming into energetic alignment with the prayer request.

If we were to suggest prayers we would suggest prayer offerings that encourage the prayee to re-align with the Universal Flow. That way if the person receiving prayer is ready to depart physical life they can but if they are, for whatever unknown reason, not ready to go they can instead align with physical life direction of their choosing, including a return to marvelous, remarkable good health.

Regarding  your prayers and the elderly lady’s subsequent death: Your prayers assisted her in releasing her hold in this realm allowing her to move into the next segment of her life adventure. (Please understand that life does not end when you depart this physical body.) In this moment you were in tune with your flow of Universal Life Energy and we applaud you.

We will respond to the question, “Is “modern” medicine wrong in using diuretics and blood thinners so that patients suffer longer?” in another post.

Received March 25, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington


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