Modern Medicine and Medications

Question:     Is “modern” medicine wrong in using diuretics and blood thinners so that patients suffer longer?

Higgins:     “Modern” medicine is not wrong in using diuretics, blood thinners, surgery, Magnetic Resonance Imaging or any other medication or technology. Modern medicine is, however, incomplete. Medicine as it is today, March 26, 2014, is able to diagnose myriad health issues and treat them surgically, with prosthetics, eyewear, antibiotics…all sorts of solutions. Today’s medicine treats the symptom not the cause and that is the reason people sometimes  seem to suffer rather then benefit from treatment.

A person who needs diuretics and blood thinners has an issue with flow; urine isn’t flowing and neither is the blood. Medications would be extremely gratifying if patients were also aided in re-connecting with their soul-self.

Each person is born with the clear ability to communicate with their soul-being. Time erases this ability in most of you. The erasure occurs and this leads to an inability to navigate the physical realm. This inability to navigate causes what we will call confusion. This confusion appears early as such emotions as loneliness, unhappiness, fear, anger and depression.

When children experience powerful negative emotions they begin to manifest negativity in their lives. This is frightening for them and while it is frightening a perhaps more frightening yet unseen phenomenon is occurring.

The Universe responds to vibration. You all are beginning to understand this now. What you are not yet absorbing is that your body also responds to the vibration you carry. What starts out as discomfort in the form of loneliness, anxiety, depression or anger as a young person carries into adulthood and begins to appear as disease. For some, whose emotions are very powerfully negative their disease states may begin quite early. Children who become overwhelmed by their environment often are also overcome by bacteria and viruses. That is why children have so many colds and ‘childhood’ illnesses. Adults in later years show up with kidney failure and blood clots when their life hasn’t been flowing for many years. High blood pressure tends to be related to anger and an inability to appropriately let off steam. Cancer, diabetes, asthma, poor vision…all diseases are related to emotion. Emotion and vibration are synonymous to the Universe (and to the body) and must be responded to in like kind.

Thus, medications in and of themselves are not harmful to use. What hurts a person is the lack of emotional awareness and it is this that must be supported and embraced by the medical community to truly advance medicine, defining an advance in medicine as curing an illness rather than treating its symptoms.

Excising a cancerous tumor is, by our definition, treating the symptom not the cause. Even thought the cancerous section may be gone the vibration that drew the tumor in the first place remains and this leads to remission.

Medicine and Spirit must progress together, hand in hand, for true healing.

Received March 26, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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