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I’ve been getting Higgins to define some emotions. Today, they responded to ‘depression’. It seems helpful so I thought I’d share it.     Cheryl- Higgins:   Higgins:  Depression, dejection, despondency…depression means low. Depression feels low and slow and without … Continue reading

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Envision Your Future

Do you have a vision for your future? What’s in it? If you do not have a vision for your future you are creating life by default, taking what comes and dealing with it the best you can. It is … Continue reading

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Struggling with Grief and Depression

Cheryl’s note: This is a continuing response. First portion posted September 30, 2014 as Body Itches All Over Question:     I am also struggling with my grief and depression, which is what brought me to (hospital). I feel hopeless and can’t seem … Continue reading

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Modern Medicine and Medications

Question:     Is “modern” medicine wrong in using diuretics and blood thinners so that patients suffer longer? Higgins:     “Modern” medicine is not wrong in using diuretics, blood thinners, surgery, Magnetic Resonance Imaging or any other medication or technology. Modern medicine is, … Continue reading

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The Kindness Paradigm (25)

The Kindness Paradigm enhances all lives and diminishes none. Every person can use these ideas to create a life of abundance, a life that is pleasing to them and will not diminish any other in any way. It is important … Continue reading

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The Path to Happiness

Higgins:     Ask yourself, “Why am I here?” Wait for the answer. Likely, it will be something as seemingly simple as to love well or to be happy. Some will know themselves to be a leader. For some it will be … Continue reading

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