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Feels She Has Done Something Wrong

Question:  Please help. I hope that you are well. Since April I sustained bilateral ankle sprains, at least 1 foot bone bruise, a bruised tailbone and a wrist sprain. Only the tailbone has healed. At least two of these injuries … Continue reading

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Emotions Are Street Signs

Higgins:  Negative emotions are not punishments for previous deeds. Negative emotions are indicators that you need to change your thoughts. Street signs…that’s all emotions are. Only humans continue to punish themselves after making a mistake. Animals do not do this. … Continue reading

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I’ve been getting Higgins to define some emotions. Today, they responded to ‘depression’. It seems helpful so I thought I’d share it.     Cheryl- Higgins:   Higgins:  Depression, dejection, despondency…depression means low. Depression feels low and slow and without … Continue reading

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Envision Your Future

Do you have a vision for your future? What’s in it? If you do not have a vision for your future you are creating life by default, taking what comes and dealing with it the best you can. It is … Continue reading

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Struggling with Grief and Depression

Cheryl’s note: This is a continuing response. First portion posted September 30, 2014 as Body Itches All Over Question:     I am also struggling with my grief and depression, which is what brought me to (hospital). I feel hopeless and can’t seem … Continue reading

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Modern Medicine and Medications

Question:     Is “modern” medicine wrong in using diuretics and blood thinners so that patients suffer longer? Higgins:     “Modern” medicine is not wrong in using diuretics, blood thinners, surgery, Magnetic Resonance Imaging or any other medication or technology. Modern medicine is, … Continue reading

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The Kindness Paradigm (25)

The Kindness Paradigm enhances all lives and diminishes none. Every person can use these ideas to create a life of abundance, a life that is pleasing to them and will not diminish any other in any way. It is important … Continue reading

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The Path to Happiness

Higgins:     Ask yourself, “Why am I here?” Wait for the answer. Likely, it will be something as seemingly simple as to love well or to be happy. Some will know themselves to be a leader. For some it will be … Continue reading

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