I’ve been getting Higgins to define some emotions. Today, they responded to ‘depression’. It seems helpful so I thought I’d share it.     Cheryl-


Higgins:  Depression, dejection, despondency…depression means low. Depression feels low and slow and without energy. It feels without energy because it is without energy. The energetic equivalent of depression is akin to stagnant water. Stagnant water simply does not flow fast enough to stay clean and fresh. It becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that make the water undrinkable, and for mosquitoes that may transmit disease. Water likes to move. It stays clean and refreshed that way.

Depression provides a breeding ground for unhealthy thoughts the way stagnant water makes the ideal host environment for bacteria and mosquitoes. When not corrected, depression leads to physical and mental decline. A person does not attract positively from depression and must learn techniques to increase energy flow in order to stem the tide of unhappiness concomitant with depression.

Once the tide of depression is reversed one uses the usual Laws of Attraction to climb the emotional ladder.

To reiterate what those laws are: 1) choose a goal, a desire. 2) make a plan to achieve the goal by listening to the whispers of Infinite Intelligence.  3) make a plan so clear that you mirror your goal prior to your goal’s arrival. 4) Eagerly await the arrival of your desires.

On the emotional scale, guilt and depression are different varieties of the same fruit.

Received April 26, 2018

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