Spirit, Heart and Mind

Question: I am wondering about the feelings between heart, spirit and my own mind. Sometimes those three do not agree. My heart may feel one way and my spirit feels the exact opposite. Can Higgins explain, or help me out on which one I should follow? Or maybe follow neither? What is going on when one feels one way and the other feels totally opposite? Why is that?

Clarification:  Spirit or little soul, that gut feeling, the heart feeling in the middle of your chest and some times my mind thinking something else that is contrary to how I feel or what my heart or spirit is telling me.

Higgins:  Ahhh…..what you have opened up for discussion!

The mind is reason. The logical mind helps to negotiate the physical realm.

Listening to the heart can be tricky, because most of you do not yet carry your energy with clarity. For example, your heart may tell you how in love with someone you are when really you are experiencing the great Law of Attraction in action. They are pulling the best out of you and you are pulling the best out of them. That’s what feels so good. It’s blissful but it is not love. Love is different. Love is abiding. In this scenario the information your heart is sending is misinterpreted.

The gut response is animal instinct. When your insides twist you know something is wrong for sure, but what to do about it? That differs. Sometimes to run away is the best choice. But what if you can’t?

The best thing to do is to clean up your vibration. Get your energy flowing from above the head, through your spinal column and out into the Earth to firmly ground you. Spend a few minutes several times a day setting your vibration to match the thing you want.

When you achieve this alignment, those emotions will also align and you will get consistency between them. By that we mean your thoughts and ideas will be appropriate relative to your heart and your heart and gut will also be aligned.

The answer to this question is complex and we acknowledge that our response is neither very clear nor completely correct, but it is as close as we can get.

Received April 19, 2018


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