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What Is Life?

C: Hello Higgins. Last spring, I began a conversation via email and blog with Alain Rifat, the webmaster of Simulismblog. It started with my asking him about the Higgs boson. He responded with several posts, the first on entanglement. (Simulismblog, … Continue reading

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Another Death Rattle

Waking up is not so unusual. I did that again this morning. I lay in bed quietly for awhile, acknowledging that I was not quite ready to get up. I knew I would not go back to sleep and I … Continue reading

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Spirit, Heart and Mind

Question: I am wondering about the feelings between heart, spirit and my own mind. Sometimes those three do not agree. My heart may feel one way and my spirit feels the exact opposite. Can Higgins explain, or help me out … Continue reading

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On Reincarnation and Souls

Question:     I believe strongly in reincarnation, or at least the concept that we all have the opportunity to have many human lives.  I tried to ask my guides about a friend of mine who used to contact me after her … Continue reading

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What Happens After Death?

Question:     (In the post from October 6, 2016) Higgins said there is no Heaven. My question is since there is no heaven, what exactly is there? If we could get a peak into the after life if you will. Higgins:     … Continue reading

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About Soul

Question:     What is soul?  How are soul & spirit related?   How do soul & spirit interact?   Given the teachings of Higgins these last years, what do human emotions have to do with soul?   What is the function … Continue reading

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Body Itches All Over

Question:     I currently am struggling with a mystery itching illness. My body constantly itches all over and has for the last couple months. The doctors have found no answers for me and are telling me they hope it works itself … Continue reading

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