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This morning I had extra time, so I attempted to connect with Higgins. They were speedy coming in, if faint. Cheryl: What are you waiting for? You said we were ready quite some time ago. Higgins: You are in the … Continue reading

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I admit it. I bit off more than I was able to chew the first half of this year. There are many things I have accomplished since December that I feel good about. I’m choosing to focus on those things … Continue reading

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Another Angel?

This is another current journal entry relative to Higgins’ (hopefully) imminent overt return: March 31, 2021 I awakend (that is to say Tucker, my dog, repeatedly threw his body at the bed and panted really hard long enough to awaken … Continue reading

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A Heavy Feeling

Considering how long ago it’s been since Higgins first came to me, it is a tad difficult to decide exactly where to start chronicling our history. If I wait to find the exact right place to start I may never … Continue reading

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On Reincarnation and Souls

Question:     I believe strongly in reincarnation, or at least the concept that we all have the opportunity to have many human lives.  I tried to ask my guides about a friend of mine who used to contact me after her … Continue reading

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Soul’s Contracts and Unconscious Agreements

Question:     A further post on soul contracts and unconscious agreements would be very welcome. Higgins:     Prior to birth your eternal essence plans to live a life that will provide certain desired spiritual growth opportunities. These can be called learning opportunities, … Continue reading

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Has Androgynous Spirit Guide

Question:     Thank you for this information. Both you and Higgins. I have two other questions if they are inclined to answer. You mentioned that I have one powerful guide who is androgynous.   Can they elaborate? Is it possible to know if I have spent … Continue reading

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