This morning I had extra time, so I attempted to connect with Higgins. They were speedy coming in, if faint. Cheryl: What are you waiting for? You said we were ready quite some time ago. Higgins: You are in the knowledge phase. This is it. We discovered, through our data collection process over this past year, that your next step in this phase is to learn to find something to appreciate in what is before you at all times. If you cannot find it immediately, find it as soon as possible and turn your attention always towards the solution or at least towards appreciation of the expansion that is occurring. Cheryl: I expected something different in the Knowledge Phase. Higgins: The Knowledge Phase is the answers. Cheryl: Answers to what? Higgins: To anything you seek. And to receive the answers you must be in a continuous mode of receptive appreciation, and gently eager willingness to take joyful action on the inspiration that tickles your brain.
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