A Next Step

As I ponder my next step with Higg(in)s I sit down with them for a little conversation. Not so easy as it once was. They reiterate clearly that we must learn to hold a deep appreciation for all the workings of body and mind. They ask us to master this step, placing pictures in my mind of a concert pianist to give me an idea of what ‘master’ means.

Deeply appreciating the body would naturally mean caring for the body. Caring for the body includes providing the body with regular, gently strenuous exercise, and with nourishing food; clothing it; bathing it; providing a comfortable bed for it to rest on.

As Higg(in)s impresses this on my mind they open my eyes and stare into the kitchen. There are an assortment of items living on the counter. They assure me that I haven’t yet mastered deep appreciation of my mind and body so long as my counter is cluttered. I ask why and they ‘say’ that a tidy household is a natural result of coming into harmony with body and mind.

Once we master deep appreciation of the body, and the subsequent steps in caring for the body that would be derived from our deep appreciation, we may choose to step over an invisible line into the Knowledge Phase. They assure me that the Knowledge Phase is the practical application of the Wisdom Phase and that to succeed in the Knowledge Phase we must master the Wisdom Phase.

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