Another Angel?

This is another current journal entry relative to Higgins’ (hopefully) imminent overt return:

March 31, 2021

I awakend (that is to say Tucker, my dog, repeatedly threw his body at the bed and panted really hard long enough to awaken me) at about 11:30 PM. I still wasn’t back to sleep by 12:30 so I got up and did 1/2 hour of stretching to a DVD, then meditated until I was sleepy. It was very effective for putting me back to sleep.

During the meditation a very nice, friendly, cozy energy sat down in me. It felt a lot like when I was a working student for Melle van Brugen and got a horse warmed up for him before he got on. This pressure settled in first, then The Angel came. Only I soon realized it wasn’t The Angel. I asked who it was because she felt so much the same.

I was only able to determine that ‘she’ is going to help me with radioactivity. I specifically asked about radioactive nuclear waste, but clearly that is incomplete. It is radioactivity in general.


An aside about the stretching DVD: If you haven’t been introduced to Miranda Esmonde-White’s Essentrics it is definitely a thing to know about. It is a stretching program that I have found to be extremely helpful and strangely pleasant. I purchased the 4 disc set that includes Posture, Pain Free, Mobility and Bone Strengthening. I just can’t say enough nice things about this gentle stretching program. Higgins has said many times to come to meditations ‘gently exercised’ and each of these 30 minute stretching routines produces that gently exercised feeling that they have talked about so many times.

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