An Oddity

As you all know, I have been posting from my old journals on the things that happened to me just prior to Higgins’ arrival. However, I have not forgotten that I promised to share when anything of interest happened currently, as we await their overt return.

My journal dated Monday, March 29, 2021:

I’m meditating before bed and 15 minutes turns to 50. They did something a little unusual tonight so I write it down.

First oddity, they breathed me out. And didn’t breath back in. I wanted air, to breathe in, but each time they shook my head no. They did this several times allowing my need for oxygen to become quite intense each time before allowing me to breathe. Once or possibly twice I’m sure I breathed before they wanted me to. It seemed they were measuring something, perhaps how long I could go without oxygen? In a sort of way it seemed they were testing how much time they had. But for what?

Then they lifted my arms and circled them out, up, towards my heart and down. In the down motion both hands overlap but they are careful that right is over left each time. They repeated this several times then ‘collected’ that energy between my hands and gently pressed it into my heart. (For personal healing it seemed.) (Healing, good health? It seemed specifically aimed at a healthy heart.)

Then they did the same thing and ‘collected’ an atom of something radioactive. It is, of course, impossible to know whether this is true–or whether any of it is true for that matter–but I’ll assume it is.

They pressed this one atom of radioactive material into my heart which I was to receive with compassion and love.

Then Higgins ‘talked’ to the particle on behalf of all radioactive nuclear waste (RNW). The conversation revealed that RNW would like not to be shunned. It wants to be a helpful contributing member of the planet and so we are awaiting the RNW to ‘tell’ us what it would like to do next. Then, presumably, we will ‘help’ it to become whatever it desires.

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    • I’m sure you will remember that we used to do meditations intended to bring the positive nature of things to the surface. At that time, I did many, many meditations for Hanford Nuclear Reservation and even wrote to HNR about it. I am excited to have them return with this intention and eager to see what comes of it.

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