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If I haven’t already mentioned it I’ve been looking at a blog called Simulism. It’s physics. My two semesters of physics barely qualifies me to read this, but I tried. Yep. Pretty complex. The reason I’m interested in physics, and … Continue reading

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An Oddity

As you all know, I have been posting from my old journals on the things that happened to me just prior to Higgins’ arrival. However, I have not forgotten that I promised to share when anything of interest happened currently, … Continue reading

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Hi Everyone, I found myself not able to sleep last night so went out to the sofa so as not to wake my husband with my restlessness. I read and watched television to boredom and then decided to check in … Continue reading

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Life is Synonymous to Dreaming

Higgins:    Life is synonymous to dreaming.  You have the capacity to shift the tone of dreams and similarly you have the capacity to shift the tone of your life. It takes practice. Consciously intend to shift the dream that is your life toward the positive; towards … Continue reading

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