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Update on Higg(in)s’ Return

Connecting with Higg(in)s has been inconsistent lately. When they do come in, they feel distant and faint. Last night was different. I sat down in my comfy chair and quieted my mind to find them. Immediately my head began to … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Higgins, December 28, 2021

C: *What is consciousness? H: Consciousness is a circuit. Consciousness flows like water, always towards the path of least resistance. Consciousness is electrical in nature. Attempting to explain consciousness to you is much like explaining water to someone who has … Continue reading

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Higgins’ Response to The Weirdness of Entanglement

I have been reading Simulismblog (simulismblog.wordpress.com/blog), by Alain Rifat. M. Rifat has kindly posted a series entitled Introduction to Simulism: One Step at a Time. In these several articles he breaks down the physics behind simulism into bite size pieces. … Continue reading

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God’s Mind

Question:  I like this answer (regarding the post on The Akashic Record), but I’m wondering… if we live in the mind of God, are we God’s thoughts/dreams/nightmares? Higgins:  While it is impossible for us to describe God so that you … Continue reading

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