A Conversation with Higgins, December 28, 2021

C: *What is consciousness?

H: Consciousness is a circuit. Consciousness flows like water, always towards the path of least resistance. Consciousness is electrical in nature.

Attempting to explain consciousness to you is much like explaining water to someone who has not experienced water. If we said water is made of two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen, would this help you understand water? We could add that water exists in three phases: solid, liquid and gas. Would this bit of information help?

Water is something to drink. It hydrates the body. Water is the ocean. Water is rain. Rain may be torrential downpour or light and misty. Water is a glacier and water is powdered snow for skiers to enjoy. Water is a mighty waterfall, the Amazon River, and a leak in the basement. Water is a diving pool, a Slip and Slide for kids in the summer, and water is a Tsunami that destroys cities. Water is a rainbow. Water is a lake to play in on and around in summer, and it is water to boil noodles for supper. When rain saturates the soil of a hillside, and the hill slides destroying homes and lives below, that is water. Water is also the liquid that bathes a child and causes crops to grow. Without water, there would be no rainbow.

Consciousness is like water. It is electrical. It is light and it is darkness. It is a solid, a liquid, and a gas. It destroys cities and simultaneously nurtures the tiniest creature. Consciousness permeates the Universe. Consciousness is the Universe. It is matter. Consciousness is. It is the only thing that is.

The prime source of life is the thing you try to perceive as God, as something separate from you. But you are not separate from this source, you are an extension of it. All things are an extension of this initial source. Source cycles energy constantly.

Source is aware of you. In much the way that you are aware of the parts of your body, Source is aware of you. Whether you are happy or hurting, Source knows it. Source responds to you instantaneously, although in your timespace reality responses often appear to be delayed.

Let’s continue this conversation tomorrow. We will attempt to explain matter as an extension of consciousness, consciousness as electromagnetism, electromagnetism as light, and light as matter.

*This question is part of an ongoing conversation with Alain Rifat, Simulismblog. Please see Simulismblog, March 15, 2021 for the first post.

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2 Responses to A Conversation with Higgins, December 28, 2021

  1. simulismblog says:

    What a superb text that transcends the purely symbolic communication of language by using poetry to convey much richer emotions. Surely the best way to communicate the ineffable!

    Physicists discovered this when they tried to transmit their quantum models. The incomprehensible and the inexplicable could nevertheless rely on the poetic language to communicate, thanks to the emotions.

    Sir James JEANS
    “The laws to which the universe obeys resemble less those to which a machine owes its operation than those which inspire a musician composing a fugue or a poet writing a sonnet “.

    “The language of images and associations is probably the only one that allows us to approach “the one”. If harmony in a society is based on a consensual interpretation of the ‘one’, the unifying principle underlying phenomena, then the language of poetry may be more adequate than that of science.”

    Max PLANCK
    “Science (…) means constant effort and development in continuous progress toward a goal which poetic intuition can apprehend but which the intellect can never fully grasp.”

    A very rich text to meditate. Thank you Cheryl pour the sharing.

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