A Conversation with Higgins, December 29, 2021

C: *Yesterday you said: Let’s continue this conversation tomorrow. We will attempt to explain matter as an extension of consciousness, consciousness as electromagnetism, electromagnetism as light, and light as matter.

H: Consciousness is the foundation of existence. Speaking from a human’s perspective, thought creates matter by interacting with The Field. The Field consists of particles that gain mass when a person thinks a thought with conviction. The saying, ‘His words carry weight’, is a true thing. The emotion carried by the person producing the words is the key factor in whether particles in The Field begin to coalesce into matter.

Think about two magnets. If you will place the two magnets in close proximity, one side will repel the other magnet and one side will attract the other magnet. Emotions are the magnets of life. Emotions literally attract and repel the occurrences of daily life through electromagnetic interaction within The Field. Everyone and everything exist within The Field. The Field is God. There is nothing that is not God.

Every request that you make attracts a response through this electromagnetic field. The strength of conviction behind your words is reflected back to you in The Field’s response.

Imagine dropping a stone into a pool of water. The water will be displaced in rings that radiate from the contact point. At first, the waves are short but as the waves move farther from the source, the waves become longer. Prime Source, or God, is the original contact point, so to speak. It is the origin of electromagnetic radiation. You are an outer wave. Light is also on the spectrum. If you can imagine a light wave slowing, you can begin to imagine it moving slower and slower and finally coalescing into form. Perhaps you can imagine water molecules coalescing and falling from the sky as rain; rain then collects into a puddle; in cold temperatures the puddle freezes and becomes a solid.

To specifically answer the question, what is consciousness, consciousness is the interaction of positive and negative electromagnetic forces.

*This question is part of an ongoing conversation with Alain Rifat, Simulismblog. Please see Simulismblog, March 15, 2021 for the first post.

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  1. janonlife says:

    From when I first discovered Higgins, I’ve been fascinated by their ability to turn complex and abstract ideas into simple analogies that make it easy for everyone to understand. I also admire the way you, Cheryl, translate the information they give you into these blog posts and share them so generously.
    I’m finding this series of questions and answers provides great clarity and insight.
    Thank you so much to Alain for asking the questions and to Higgins for the answers.

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