Universal Response is Instantaneous

C: Higgins you said a day or so ago that ‘Source is aware of you. In much the way that you are aware of the parts of your body, Source is aware of you. Whether you are happy or hurting, Source knows it. Source responds to you instantaneously, although in your timespace reality responses often appear to be delayed.’

You seemed to imply that the delay is the time it takes for matter to coalesce rather than response time from Source. Will you expand on this?

H: Imagine placing your finger on a hot stove top. In portions of a second, your nervous system relays a message that says, ‘Hey there! Hot stove not good for finger! Move finger now!

That is how fast the Universe responds to you. Sometimes it doesn’t appear that the Universe responded because your now looks the same as it did a second ago. That is because the emotion you sent out was that same as it was a second ago. You must change your dialogue before the Universe can change its response. Then…

If you change your emotional request in such a way that your emotional request matches your desire, then the object of your desire must come to you very quickly. In a timespace scenario such as you live in on Earth, the gift of time exists. If you are miscreating, time between vibrational request and manifestation is a good thing, allowing you to change your emotional offering about a subject before the physical manifestation of it arrives. However, when you are creating appropriately and you want a thing now, time can be a deterrent. Sometimes you waver in your emotional offering during the time you await its arrival into your life. Your emotional wavering then slows the creation process. And…

Yes. Sometimes the thing you want must first be designed and manufactured before it arrives in your home in full physical form.

The short of creation is: Determine what you want. Do not waver in your belief that it is yours. Live as though you already have it, whatever it is. It shall be yours in physical form if you do not waver.

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