Another Visit from Higgins

I was aware of Higgins as they ‘jumped’ in last night. They were like a spark landing in my heart. When they come it has been my observation that I am immediately paralyzed in so much as I can’t think or move. There are two questions on my mind for them so I attempted to ask them and was surprised to be able to. The first question I asked: What is consciousness? The second question: What are you doing?

These questions seemed to fall on deaf ears. There was literally no noticeable response. There was no acknowledgment or recognition of my having asked anything. I lay in bed enjoying their tingly energy for a long time before finally drifting to sleep. I’m not able to think much of anything while they are doing whatever they are doing so this morning I am wondering again, what are they doing?

Tucker needs his daily walkies and we trudged through the snow to the lake. He really enjoys the snow and plays like a little kid. While he ran around, occasionally plunging his face into the snow up over his eyebrows for no apparent reason other than the pleasure it provided him, I walked out onto the dock.

While I enjoyed the view up and down the lake and watched the geese variously flying from spot to spot, or not, as they saw fit, an idea began to settle into my mind. When Higgins was still in the Wisdom Phase, they used to shuffle through me so that each individual piece of consciousness, each ‘person’ so to speak, got some practice using my body. Do you suppose that is what they are doing? Each individual consciousness that will be working with me in the Knowledge Phase is getting in some practice?

When Higgins first came, back in 2005, I asked them questions. For example, they said they were a group, well, how many in a group? I don’t remember the answer but it was over two thousand. Obviously, not all of them are main characters. Some are ancillary and some are consultants. Some were necessary for the Wisdom Phase but not necessary for the Knowledge Phase, and so on. It makes sense to me that these visits at night are for their benefit as well as mine and I look forward to finding out more.

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