What Is Life?

C: Hello Higgins. Last spring, I began a conversation via email and blog with Alain Rifat, the webmaster of Simulismblog. It started with my asking him about the Higgs boson. He responded with several posts, the first on entanglement. (Simulismblog, March 15, 2021)

I received a very nice response from you on October 16, 2021, regarding this post, which I posted to Ask Higgins on October 20, 2021.

This post brought up further questions from Alain, the first question is: What is life?

H: Let’s define life as physical existence. A physical life is finite. Consciousness is eternal. You are an eternal spark of consciousness and your vaster you wanted to experience growth. Earth is a wonderful location for growth due to the significant variety to be encountered, and due to your freedom of choice.

Our definition of freedom is the freedom to follow your inspirations and guidance, or to not follow this guidance system. Not all physical locations offer freedom of this kind.

To experience a physical life, your greater Soul extends part of itself into a body. You are a continuum of consciousness that has taken residence in a physical body. Your greater Soul self observes you continuously, offering emotions and inspirations to guide you through this life experience. This information is much like the satellite mapping system in your cars. Once the desired destination is entered, the program provides directions to that location. Similarly, prior to your birth you plugged in a destination and your greater Soul provides directions for achieving this. Prior to birth, you knew you would have this connection 24/7 and were confident in your ability to use it.

When we use the word destination in reference to you, we do not mean a physical location. We mean an avenue to experience the growth you desire. Be assured that nothing is done to you. All things are done for you, to help you achieve this expansion.

To sum up the answer to ‘what is life’: Life is the insertion of consciousness into a physical body with the goal of experiencing further soul expansion. Whether you enjoy life or not, expansion occurs. However, life is intended to be synonymous with pleasure.

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4 Responses to What Is Life?

  1. Higgins’ information very much resonates with my understanding of life. Great stuff!

  2. simulismblog says:

    A very inspiring answer to a difficult question!

    Higgins teaches us that life is a manifestation of consciousness. This view is consistent with the findings of modern physics which places consciousness as primary and matter as secondary. Consciousness seems to behave on Earth much like a child in a toy store; looking for roles to play to grow and develop his/her personality.

    Higgins’ answer is also compatible with Simulism in that a living being contains only an extension of a much larger consciousness that influences the organism through emotions and inspirations. And all this with a great respect for the individual “Be assured that nothing is done to you. All things are done for you,…”

    Higgins’ answer also suggests that all life, whether human, animal, plant, microbial… is an extension of consciousness into matter. An extension of One Consciousness into matter. Perhaps that is why we intuitively know if an object is alive or inert; if an organism is alive or dead. We participate in the Whole.

    Thank you Cheryl.

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