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Higgins: October 25, 2021

I awakened early and since I couldn’t get back to sleep, I got up to meditate with Higgins. It may be helpful to explain that I use ‘meditate’ as a euphemism for connecting with Higgins. Originally, I did meditate. That’s … Continue reading

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Purpose in Life

Higgins:     You do have a purpose in life.  When you express it, your heart will sing. From a live session. Everett, Washington, September 27, 2011

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You Are Not A Victim

You are not a victim. If you are not victim, who are you? Once you realize that you are not a victim you must revise your own view of self. There are no longer excuses for not achieving your desires … Continue reading

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Do People Linger On Earth To Learn Lessons?

This question refers back the post of March 25, 2014, Why Do Some People Want To Die But Can’t? Question:     How do life lessons, life plan fit into this picture? Are there some people that still need to learn lessons … Continue reading

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Higgins’ Manual on Physical Existence

Higgins’ Manual on Physical Existence is available now via Amazon US, UK and Europe. We (Higgins and I) put into words the very basics of human existence. This is the description of how we create daily life. It is a concise account (about 7,000 … Continue reading

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How Did Higgins Reach You?

Question:      How did Higgins “reach” you? Does Higgins have specific information about future events, seeing the future, or a general wisdom about information presented to him, them? Cheryl:     I do not know how long Higgins may have been trying to catch … Continue reading

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