Do People Linger On Earth To Learn Lessons?

This question refers back the post of March 25, 2014, Why Do Some People Want To Die But Can’t?

Question:     How do life lessons, life plan fit into this picture? Are there some people that still need to learn lessons and that is why they do not cross? Or is it only dealing with energy flow or lack of flow?  The opposite scenario–my father was a young energetic man in his forties when he died suddenly of a massive heart attack. He was so loved by everyone and helped so many people. No one understood why he was taken from Earth so young. Was his purpose fulfilled?

Higgins:     Prior to emergence (birth) each of you plans a general life pattern that includes souls who will incarnate as your family members, friends and life teachers as well as some who will appear in your life for short but impactful interaction. While you are on Earth this planning continues in the sleep time.

The point of this planning is to ensure you will be impacted in the most suitable ways at the most appropriate times during your life so that you will have the opportunity to experience that which you want to know about yourself.

For example, let’s say that as a soul-self planning your next life adventure you want to experience physical body adversity so that you will be ‘forced’ to develop patience. A soul friend might agree to participate with you in this. The two of you incarnate and as young adults one of you is driving down the road minding your own business when the other, whom you’ve never met as an Earth being, gets blind drunk and smashes into your car leaving you a quadriplegic for the remainder of your physical life.

As a quadriplegic you will be ‘forced’ into accepting life differently than you ever would have done with a fully functioning body.

Following this example, clearly there are those who ‘choose’ to linger in their bodies simply because to do so creates opportunity for spiritual growth. The result of physical life is growth. You come here for the sheer excitement and joy of it but the result is always growth (and thus greater mastery of the process of creation).

However, none of you is required to fulfill your plan. This plan you make prior to birth does not create an earthly destiny. There is no thing that you are destined to do—although you must die from the physical and re-emerge into non-physical at some point. At any point in the ‘game’ of life you may clearly and consciously choose to align with your Truth. You may choose safety, happiness, good health, prosperity or literally anything at all, including a quick and painless death process, and it will be yours simply by mastering the art of physical creation using thought, positive belief and positive emotion.

The only thing you must do to re-align with intentional creation is choose to do so and then meticulously choose the best thought you can find upon every topic. (Another way to think of that is to always find the bright side.) You must also pay attention to impulses. When you are crystal clear about safety, harmony, good health and happiness impulses are very good friends and will lead you towards the achievement of your goals.

The other thing that occurs when you choose to re-align with intentional creating is that your energy must begin to flow in harmony with your desires. Energy does get stuck when you mis-create, whether the mis-creation is done intentionally or unintentionally. You may move stuck energy by thought and directing the energy to flow in harmony or you may choose to move through life in harmony with your True Self, and that will lead to positive flow of energy.

Regarding your father’s apparently untimely death: Many people die young simply because they wanted to enjoy life fully and then be done quickly before the negativity that is pervasive in the Earth realm overtakes them. Also, those left behind must learn to find their own stabilizing happiness and early deaths are often agreed upon by both parties (the one who leaves and those left behind) for this reason.

Received April 3, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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