Diseases And Their Emotional Causes

This question refers back the post of March 25, 2014, Why Do Some People Want To Die But Can’t?

Question:     You spoke of various diseases and all had emotional causes. Hypertension-anger not expressed, diabetes, cancer, with emotional causes. What about mental illness or emotional problems themselves? We on this plane are told that it is genetic as well as other diseases. There are also many around me that are suffering from autoimmune disorders and allergies. Can you explain other illness so that we can be healthier?

Higgins:     Every aspect of life experience has an emotional cause. If your emotional state is generally confident, creative, interested and upbeat, life experience including your health will also be generally positive.

When you carry a positive attitude vibration radiates from your body that attracts a response from the Universe. We mean this literally. The Universe responds to your vibration. Disease, including mental disease, is a result of negative vibration while good health is the result of positive vibration.

Disease is the result of radiating negativity. That is why diseases seem to be age related. It may take many years for the onset to occur because you must hold a vibration for quite some time before it appears in your life experience. That is why you will notice a correlation between people who are angry and heart attacks and strokes. There is a correlation between people who have low self-esteem and cancer. People who beat up on themselves tend to develop auto immune disorders and those who cannot allow themselves to enjoy the sweetness of life develop type II diabetes.

Diseases are real things. Therefore, it is important to seek medical help when needed. At the same time, we encourage each of you to seek happiness because disease will abate in the face of positivity. It must, based on the very powerful Universal Law that says like vibrations attract.

1) ‘Accidents’ (such as slamming a finger in a drawer or getting whacked in the head with a ball) are often almost instantaneous response from the Universe to negative thinking.

2) Influenza and bacterial illnesses, even the common cold are typically a response to feeling overwhelmed and though they take longer to present than the ‘accidents’ described above they are much quicker onset than long term illness such as auto immune diseases or cancer.

3) Auto Immune diseases reflect a tendency to attack oneself.

4) Allergies–discomfort with one’s immediate environment.

5) Mental illness–there are many kinds of mental illness–depression reflects unhappiness with one’s life; psychoses tend to reflect fear that arises from connecting with the unseen: The realm beyond Earth is frightening when sensed but not understood.

6) Genetics can predispose a person to a certain sort of disease but may not present if the person does not vibrationally align with it.

7) Birth ‘defects’ including Down’s Syndrome are coveted birth opportunities for the growth experience they offer.

A person may live a magnificent life regardless of whether they are born with all the usual body parts, whether they have a low or high IQ, regardless of age…these things are secondary to living in harmony with the Soul Self. Get in harmony with the Soul Self and one’s energy will naturally flow more smoothly. It must follow that life will also come into harmony and flow smoothly because the Universal Law that states vibration attracts like vibration is immutable. It exists everywhere and it cannot be broken.

Received April 6, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington



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