Alternate to Surgery?

Question:  My husband has been gone now for almost one and a half years. I have been relatively in good health until recently and after surgeries for heart valve and hip replacement I am fearful of another serious surgery. Would you ask Higgins if you are still channeling him whether I will need another hip surgery or will alternate treatment be helpful.

Higgins:  The short answer is: if the medical doctors believe replacing the other hip will help you we suggest you follow their advice. Although there are alternate treatments that may well help you feel better none is as immediate and thorough as the replacement. Likely, even if they are helpful you will still need the replacement after more time has passed.

The longer answer is more involved although the answer is still yes.

Life experience is attracted by you rather than thrust upon you. Health issues such as you are experiencing develop over long periods of time and though people can reverse such health issues man’s belief that they can do so, as a whole, is limited. That makes drastic health reversals difficult to accomplish in short time periods.

We suggest that you come to peace with the medical system, finances, recovery time…all the emotional nuances a second hip replacement brings to you. A very good practice is to begin thinking of all the good things a new hip brings you: a hip that feels free and easy when you walk, for example. Think positive thoughts about the medical staff and other hospital staff, seen and unseen, who play a part in your hospital stay. Think kindly also of those who will assist you during the recovery period. This kind of thought sets forth positive waveform into your future creating positive outcome and a bright future.

Received May 9, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington


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