Higgins: October 25, 2021

I awakened early and since I couldn’t get back to sleep, I got up to meditate with Higgins. It may be helpful to explain that I use ‘meditate’ as a euphemism for connecting with Higgins. Originally, I did meditate. That’s when Higgins found their way in. I no longer meditate for the sake of meditating. I meditate to connect with Higgins.

Higgins pops in fairly quickly but since I have no questions this morning they seem to cast around for a direction. As they always do, they move my head around in that way that I have come to think of as massaging parts of my brain. One of the motions they make frequently is a side-to-side motion that applies pressure in a straight line right behind my eyes. Today it seemed that two of them (or more) were having a conversation. One ‘said’, “Be careful. It’s right there.”

This causes me to wonder what ‘it’ is. And why they need to be careful?!

They proceeded with some Reiki style energy collection. They then distributed this energy to a few locations on my body: brain, heart, stomach, and intestines. They also applied a nice dose of energy to my dog’s left hind hip. I hope he feel’s better. He’s been gimpy on that hip for a year. (I have been surprised at how much chiropractic care really helps!)

They also did a distance healing for a Covid patient in the hospital where I work.

I’ve been wondering how to share Higgins now they are back. I believe I understand they are planning to share information regarding building a harmonious society and even as I type this my head nods, yes, yes. Why then the Reiki style energy transfer this morning? Will there be more to their sharing? And how will be the best way to share?

During the meditation I had a vision pop into my head. In this picture I am sharing Higgins in a YouTube video. Not something I had envisioned for myself, but I’ll consider it…

Thanks for joining me on this adventure.


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  1. How fascinating. I hope you do at some point share Higgins via YouTube as it’s a way to reach others who resonate.

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