Higgins’ Next Step

What an interesting meditation/visit I’ve just had with Higgins. It is 0736 as I begin to write this down. My story really starts last night. John went to bed at 7:30 so I sat to meditate. I am not quite certain how long they were with me, likely an hour or so. The interesting thing is, there was no ‘conversation’. A being came in and seemed to put me to sleep, or to the edge of sleep might be more accurate. I just hung out there, on the edge of sleep for awhile until I could not sit up in the chair anymore. Then I got up from  my chair and walked the few feet to the couch to lie down, which is as far as I thought I could make it. I was asleep almost instantly and awakened at 6:30 this morning.

I was curious to talk with them about this so I got up from the couch and immediately sat back down in my meditation chair. They were with me instantly. It is already becoming fuzzy so I want to get as much of it down as I can.

I asked about the sleepiness last night and whether it was in some way connected with something they have said for years. They have told me many times that at some point they will work with me while I am not conscious. Currently, I am conscious when they communicate with me, although the information fades very quickly once they leave. They agreed that this is so. I have wondered any times how they will ever work with me by taking over my consciousness and now it seems that they can literally put me to sleep. I didn’t know that.

As I sat with them It felt like they intentionally stimulated parts of my brain. (They have been doing this for years, actually.) Each time my thoughts drifted off they moved my head in a way that ‘massaged’ the area of my brain that was stimulated. For example, they moved my head in an arc from the orbital area above the center of my left eye, towards my nose, then down and around to the bottom of the orbital area below the center of my left eye. They did this over and over until my mind fully relaxed. Then they stopped moving my head. Once they did a back-and-forth motion with my head, much like shaking my head ‘no’.

They did this multiple times in different areas.

Already I can’t remember the order in which these things happened. I’m pretty sure the ‘no’ motion was the first thing they did. Anyway, as they are stimulating my mind in this manner, I suddenly remembered that I haven’t answered an email. I’m having a harder and harder time remember to do things and responding to things in a normal way. This sweet and soft female being jumped in on the left upper middle side of my brain and says, “I’ll help with that.” She just snuggled in there and agreed firmly that she will help me remember things like responding to emails, and other daily activities.

I’ve also noticed that learning things, and remembering what I’ve learned, has been harder for a long time. They began searching for ‘someone’ to help with that. It took what seemed like a long time but eventually a male being sat down in my brain between my left and right lobes and just worked his way in there. It was such a wonderful thing I began to cry a little but was able to pull myself together and continue.

I ate some vegan meals this week and noticed after each meal how clean and fresh and awake I felt. They reminded me of this and said they would like me to be a part time vegan. They are also happy for me to be a part time vegetarian. As for meat, meat meals should be a treat, once or twice a week is enough. Sweets, small portions, 4 or 5 times a week is enough. A portion example they gave me is a fun-size Snickers bar. I really like my sweets and when I asked about eating large portions of say, fruit cobbler, they responded that this is the beginning of my journey and not the end. They do not expect me to immediately switch my eating habits. It seemed as the journey itself will be pleasant enough to cause me to want to eat as they want me to eat.

The conversation continued in this way for about 45 minutes. Nearing the end, it seemed that the group of beings who first surrounded my head this morning began to merge into a sort of helmet around my head. In fact, that is what they were doing when they had to stop and do all the head movements that I liken to brain massaging. It seems whatever the massages did, it worked well enough for them to complete this process of forming a sort of helmet over my head. This helmet included the female energy to help me remember little things, and the male energy that settled between my left and right brain. Then a larger energy settled over the whole thing like a blanket. I distinctly remember it fitting a bit like a helmet that was too tight and they had to wiggle my brain a little to get it settled in just right.

When they completed this helmeting process, they ‘said’, “We are about ready to begin.” They assured me that we are ready in time and that all is well. I’m not sure what we are in time for. They have said from time to time that what I perceive as a world humanitarian crisis we are collectively experiencing will worsen. Apparently, there will be a seminal moment and that is what we have been preparing for. Well, I guess we are ready.

We are ready in time. That’s good news. And they assured me on a personal level, all is well.

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4 Responses to Higgins’ Next Step

  1. Really cool Cheryl. Thank for sharing this!
    Hopefully a gathering is in order sometime soon?!? 😅😁.
    Either way cool to be a part of Higgins’ And our evolution.
    Would love to hear more about this precipice we are in and how or what We can be doing to evolve through this eye of needle and create the next phase of human civilization. .

    • Higgins isn’t talking yet. They had one super short conversation with John for the sole purpose of giving my some direct instructions. So far no

    • Oops….hit send too soon….
      Anyway, they do not indicate any plan to speak. They asked me what my preference is and once I have decided they will build on that.

      As far as this precipice we are on, I keep waiting for evidence, like…I don’t know…the newspapers to declare WWIII. Short of some obvious external issue that threatens humanity, all I can do is await movement from them. Most recently, they ‘said’ to me that I should ask questions. Questions will summon a response from them as well as define a direction for us to focus our energy.

  2. simulismblog says:

    Thank you for sharing. It could help people to better understand what happens if they can connect.

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