Higg(in)s Is Practicing, February 17, 2022

I meditated an hour this AM. Higg(in)s again does this with my head…

I can’t draw it here, but I can describe it: They start with my head in ‘neutral’. You can imagine that my head is pointed forward with my nose about regular height. Then then move my nose, and therefore my head, far right. At the furthest right point they stop and move my nose up a notch and slide my head back all the way left. At the furthest left point they stop and move my nose up a notch and slide my head back to the right. They continue in this fashion until my head cannot go any higher and on that swing they stop in the middle and lower my nose back to neutral.

They ‘said’ again that they are mobilizing. These head movements, etc… are ‘last minute’ testing to make sure they are prepared and that I am ready. Apparently, they are coming soon and that means they will be needed soon. One of the things they did today was move energetically from place to place on my face. From each location, they move my head. For example, they settled in my left cheek bone and moved my head from there. Then they moved to my right cheek bone and moved my head, using that point in my face to lead circles of my head.

They finally arrived at my chin and from the left side of my chin drew my head in circles. When they attempted to move to the right side of my chin, they were unsuccessful in establishing a point of contact. Eventually, another being came in to assist and finally they were able to establish a point of contact on the right side of my chin and move my head from that location.

After that, they practiced a little more before releasing me.

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