A Conversation with Higgins, February 19, 2022

This is from 2-19-22 at 8:18 PM. I initiated a conversation with Higgins.

C: H, why are you here with me? What are we doing together?

H: We are here to solve the root problem.

C: What is the root problem?

H: The root problem is disconnect from Source. Even as we write this, disconnect is the wrong word. You cannot ever become disconnected. If you will imagine a kink in a hose that prevents the flow of water through the hose– this is another good analogy that is also incorrect. There is always flow. We could also liken the problem to static in the line of communication, but that would also be incorrect. Communication is clear from your source to you. However, these analogies are correct in that this is how you feel when you are disconnected from Source, and you act accordingly.

From the moment you are born, your soul self (which is directly connected to Source) begins to guide you. It gives unerringly correct directions which, for the most part you ignore. This is sometime intentional—you may recognize that the inspiration you have received is the right thing to do but, in that moment, you choose not to follow it. (This is a symptom of not being intentional about how you choose to be in the world. For example, have you specifically chosen to be kind as you move about the Earth realm?)

More often you are not following your inspiration because you have become confused and no longer understand how to follow your guidance. Do you remember playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey? The player is blind folded and then spun in circles until dizzy. The player is then asked to pin the tail on the donkey. Sometimes the player gets it pinned in the correct place, but more often the player misses the mark.

We are here to help you (all of you) to re-orient yourselves and get headed in the right direction which, of course, is alignment with Source energy through your connection to your soul self (which is directly connected to Source).

The root problem is you have become disoriented, and we will offer our assistance in helping you get reoriented.

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