A Conversation with Higg(in)s, February 21, 2022

The time is 5:54 AM. The transformer for our area blew before five AM: two large explosions accompanied by bright flashes of light. The electricity went out.

So here I sit, having completed my series of stretches and exercises for this morning, intending to connect with Higg(in)s. I ask….

C: You said yesterday that you will help us get reoriented. How will you do that? How is that accomplished?

H: To orient yourself you must first decide where you want to go, who you want to be, what you want to do. For example, if you were taking a journey, you might decide whether to go to the ocean or the mountains. (An example of doog, by the way. In either case, you are playing with water. One warm liquid or the other frozen snow. The other doog aspect is the higher/lower aspect with one option at sea level and the other in the higher, mountainous elevation.)

The question is: What are your goals? The more clearly you answer this question the better we can help you.

Comment from Cheryl: I spent some time considering this and finally produced several pages of interests for my now and my future. The list includes words and descriptions that I would like to define my character, health and well-being, job, relationships, financial future, etc…

H: Excellent. Your goals are clearly stated. Next, you must continue to keep these goals in your focus. One way to do that is to write them down in such a way that you can read them to yourself daily.

Your goals may change over time and evolve. That is expected. When your goals change, or are added unto, you must find a way to keep focused on your evolving goals. In doing this, in defining goals and keeping focus on those goals, you automatically orient yourself towards those things and Source will call you towards the achievement of them.

Orienting yourself towards the achievement of your goals is only part of re-orienting yourself with Source. The other aspect has to do with doog. Lucifer, as you are partially aware, is responsible for holding negativity. Remember there is positive and negative. Lucifer has been tasked with holding the negative polarity until it is transformed from evil (or bad) to doog.

There are many ways to achieve a thing. Many have, and there are those who still do, lie, cheat, and steal to get the things they want. Source calls you to want to achieve your goals through good and through doog, and that is the other aspect of re-orienting with Source.

During and after your re-orientation with Source, you will discover a desire to do old things in new ways, and to clean up the ventures of the past so you can move into the ventures of the future.

Another way of stating this: Many of the things you have created from a paradigm of good and evil will be modified in your new picture of life and recreated in a paradigm of good and doog.

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2 Responses to A Conversation with Higg(in)s, February 21, 2022

  1. simulismblog says:

    “Lucifer has been tasked with holding the negative polarity until it is transformed from evil (or bad) to doog”.
    What an important teaching! One can begin to understand why a beneficent energy has to accomodate to its contrary in order to create, i.e to induce a movement of information. Two poles are needed for this.

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