A Meditation for Peace in Ukraine

Last night I teamed up with my Sister-in-Law, and Higg(in)s of course, with intention to do something useful for Ukraine. In the past, when I lead a regular in person group with Higgins (when Higg(in)s was still Higgins), the group used to meditate and Higgins would, through us, produce energetic frequencies that we would place over the area in need. Energetic frequencies such as peace, or a vibration the equivalent of stable weather patterns, are examples. I also used to take stabilizing energy to Hanford Nuclear Reservation, attempting to neutralize radioactive nuclear waste.

Yesterday I began to wonder whether Higg(in)s would do that now. I connected with my S-in-L via phone, and we checked in with Higg(in)s to see what they would do.

They started by getting the two of us in energetic synch, then raised our vibrations a little at a time to something that felt like comfort. There were two reasons for this choice of frequency. We couldn’t start any higher, and if we had, it was likely that the people we were trying to help couldn’t reach it either.

Higg(in)s then guided our energetic bodies over to Kyiv, where they placed us about 40-50 feet over the town. I had seen a picture of a location on CNN that stuck in my mind and that is where they placed us. They asked us to hold hands, metaphorically of course, so that we could blend our energy better and also stay together so any negative energy we might bump into would not separate us.

Higg(in)s described our energy body as being in the shape of an apple. They had us run energy from head to toe, imagining that from 40-50 feet above Kyiv, our energy ran down into the earth and made an apple shaped loop up and around and back down into our heads. They described themselves as continually adding more energy so that our energetic body would get bigger and bigger, eventually encompassing all of Ukraine.

They checked in frequently with my S-in-L, asking her to confirm how she was feeling, and did she notice certain changes. Any issues were resolved before moving on. I noticed that while she continued to use words like comfortable and peaceful to describe how she felt, I felt significant turbulence, specifically not comfort and not peace. Eventually, I came to understand that I am the meter Higg(in)s uses to read what is happening and to determine what they need to do next.

After some time passed, I began to feel more peaceful myself and when I felt more peaceful a funny thing happened. I could feel ‘people’ popping up. It was a little like corn popping but that is not a very good analogy. My S-in-Law said for her it was like lights turning on. After that, it seemed that other beings joined us. Big beings that I interpreted as angels, but Higg(in)s does not agree, joined us and we all lined up along the Ukraine border with Russia. The energy we were producing by then was very peaceful feeling and I got the impression that it was a forcefield of peace designed to act as a repellant. The idea of it being that anyone whose energy did not match peace could not pass through, which makes sense from a Law of Attraction perspective.

We held this for a bit of time. I’m not sure what the criteria is for stopping but eventually Higg(in)s slowed the energy stream that they were pouring into us. They carried us back to our bodies and ended our session.

Start to finish it was about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The time in Kyiv when I finished was about 7:15 in the morning, on Saturday, February 26.

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  1. I love that you did this! Wonderful and thank you for sharing.

  2. KDKH says:

    Very exciting! Thanks for sharing. I love your apple image; my folks usually call that a torus. The apple sounds…friendlier.

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