Connecting with Higg(in)s, February 25, 2022

This wasn’t really a conversation with Higg(in)s. I asked questions, but never received a response I could understand. I sat last night from 8ish to 9ish, and they did the usual. I relaxed my mind and invited them to come in. As they frequently do, they began by moving my head around in circles. They also spent some time turning my head as far right as it will go, then swooping with my nose up as high as it will go and arcing over and around to as far left as my head will go. When they do this, I feel it is a kind of communication that I don’t understand. It usually starts when I ask a question.

Last night, the question I asked was (again) about how it will be when we work together. When they came the first time, back in 2005, they spoke aloud while doing huge, swinging circles with my upper body, “I want to talk. I want to talk. I want to talk.” It was obvious what they wanted to do. This time, there is no clear and decisive starting point. When I ask questions, as I did last night, about whether they would like to talk or write, or indeed, how they would like to work together, my head begins that movement from right shoulder, up high as they can reach with my nose, then coming down to the left shoulder. It means something but I don’t know what.

That went on for a while, me never quite grasping what they were trying to tell me. After some time, that being left, leaving my head hanging over my chest. My neck began to ache before they picked up again. Eventually, another being jumped in and did nearly the exact same thing. They left me after about an hour. Certain things seem important. Breathing in and out, versus out and in, as well as how frequently breathing is necessary is one. Another is how far will my head turn left and right. Each one tests this every time.

Later, during the night, I awakened at about two and since sleep was impossible, I sat again to connect with Higg(in)s. As earlier, two came, one at a time. Both spent time moving my head in circles. The second being did that thing where they place my feet just so on the ground, placing my arms just so on the arms of the chair with my fingers dangling over the edge of the chair’s arm, and sitting upright with perfect posture.

Without notice they left when they were done, and another hour had passed.

I bother to post this because I’m noticing that each being is different. It is as though each entity that will be working with me needs access to practice. It makes me wonder; how many are there who need to pass through this practice phase? What are they testing so carefully for?

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