Re-connecting with Higg(in)s

Two meditations to write about this AM: Last night I telephoned (a friend) and hooked up with her for a meditation for Ukraine; and then I awakened early this AM, about 4, and they worked on me again, rather than attempting something to directly stabilize Ukraine.

Let’s begin with this morning while it is fairly fresh.

John tells me he doesn’t think it was as early as 4. I guess it doesn’t matter. It was this morning.

I sat with Higg(in)s and as they do, they began to roll my head. I used to call them love circles because when we first connected, they were so happy they caused my upper body to roll in huge circles. Today, they shared something new. As my head circled, they seemed to be testing for turbulence. Several times they did stop and smooth out some points of friction.

When my head rolled around consistently, smoothly and without friction, my head stopped rolling and a black circle opened within my field of vision. The black circle expanded several times until it encompassed my entire field of vision. They indicated that this is the field where creation occurs. Then they resumed rolling my head and while my head rolled around on my shoulders, they continued looking for areas of friction. In every location they felt friction, they reminded me that life is created in this field and that all things that I think would be good are there, waiting for me to align with them. Importantly, they said even if the exact thing I created does not appear, the energetic equivalent will appear. This form of reassurance seemed to work because each time the friction was alleviated. They continued with this until they were satisfied. Somehow, I know when they are concluding and although they leave with little notice it is not abrupt.

I would like to add that I will be posting perhaps more than once per day for a while. It feels urgent to me to conduct the meditations for Ukraine and share about those, as well as to continue sharing on Higg(in)s return.

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