Meditation for Peace in Ukraine, February 27, 2022

Last night, I connected with a friend via telephone to hold another meditation to bring peace to Ukraine. We spent a few minutes reconnecting on a personal level, then connected with Higg(in)s. Higg(in)s is definitely different in how they interact. They are more business-like and also more likely to explain why they are doing any given thing. They also are absolutely not worried about starting before they are completely settled in me. They simply start and work their way into me until we have a good connection.

A friend recently used the term soul braid to describe what Higgins is doing with me as they transition to Higg(in)s. I’m not especially familiar with that term and this link gives a good explanation: (Please do not link from this site. Please type the address into your URL.)

When Higg(in)s comes in now, that is what it feels like each time: it feels as though they are intertwining their energy with mine and it takes a bit of time to get it done so they simply start talking while they do it. It’s very fine multitasking.

Higg(in)s gets my friend’s energy and mine aligned in an energy pattern equal to comfort, much as they did with my sister-in-law the previous night. We locked metaphorical arms and Higg(in)s escorted us to Ukraine. This time they stopped over what felt to me like tanks, and we hovered about 100 feet above the ground. The choice in height seems to be for our safety. While I’m not entirely clear about that, they do go to lengths to keep us away from tumultuous or negative energy. In much the same manner as the meditation of Friday evening, we set our energy to ground us in the earth and allowed it to roll around us in the apple shape they described to us.

Higg(in)s allowed us several minutes to adjust to, and to carry, their increasing energy flow. As we began to expand our energy bodies across the country Higg(in)s reminded us of the Tree Army. The Tree Army is comprised of trees, and any other flora or fauna, that would like to participate in our meditations. (The Tree General is a large cedar in our yard.) They offer themselves as holders of the prescribed energetic frequency. This exponentially increases the number of powerful, positive points of attraction for the agreed upon meditation frequency.

The Tree Army was interested in joining us. Higg(in)s spent some time bringing them in with us. The Tree Army includes grass, shrubs, any plant organism that wishes to participate, and very frequently animal life will join, too. We spent another amount of time in association with the Tree Army, while Higg(in)s continued to dump energy into us, and we expanded across Ukraine, Belarus, and eastern Russia.

When we energetically arrived at eastern Russia, there was a palpable request by the trees there to participate. From my perspective, I received a mental vision of trees covering a ridge and spread out for what to me seemed to be about an entire half of Russia. I believe that region is heavily forested, so this makes sense to me. When the forest plugged in with us, the energy draw was significant and Higg(in)s paused our energetic expansion to allow the forest to get stabilized with us. Soon I felt as though we all were puffed up marshmallows mushing into one another and covering, smothering, Ukraine, Belarus, and eastern Russia with the energetic equivalent of comfort. As we simmered, the energetic frequency increased to peace. It was a heavy, thick blanket of energetic peace.

Our energy was strangely space specific and did not overlap into any neighboring countries. Higg(in)s held it specific to Ukraine, Belarus, and the eastern portion of Russia. The overall goal for these meditations is to bring peace to Ukraine, but I remain unclear on what the more immediate goal is for the individual meditations. Whatever it is, eventually we achieved it because Higg(in)s released the Tree Army and brought our energy bodies back. Total time spent in meditation was as usual about an hour.

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