Meditation for Peace in Ukraine, February 28, 2022

Last night’s meditation with Higg(in)s for Ukraine was a very useful learning opportunity for me. While generally, this was a Zoom meeting, two people couldn’t access it and one needed to leave early. These are things I need to experience, and I guess Higg(in)s does too, so that we can learn how to adjust and hold the energy without regard to what is happening with the participants.

We ‘gathered’ by phone and Zoom at 8 PM. Zoom allows these meeting for free up to forty minutes but to hold meetings longer than forty minutes, I have to buy a package that is $150. While I’m not unwilling to pay that, if it turns out there is lack of interest in this, whether it is mine or others, I’d rather not waste those dollars. As it turned out, at forty minutes, Zoom posted a message that I could keep going for free so I did. We’ll try again tonight, but just in case, I’ve already scheduled a second meeting.

Last night I had one person on the cell phone and five on Zoom. These are all people from the original group of people who began gathering to experience Higgins, so we spent a few minutes saying our hellos. Higg(in)s jumped in to begin getting our energy to flow in harmony. From my perspective this was harder than I thought it would be. Higg(in)s has discovered that the energetic frequency of comfort is fairly easy for nearly everyone to achieve and so once we were synching they helped us get move together to an energetic vibration of comfort.

At that point they had as link up energetically, so we all overlapped. Then they floated us to Ukraine. They put us in a location where no fighting had occurred. It seemed important to land us in an energetically safe place.

Higg(in)s proceeded to increase the amount of energy flowing through us into Ukraine. They do this a bit at a time, much like turning a faucet on and then turning up the flow every so often. The picture they gave us was of Pepto-Bismol flowing over the country. They said, it coats, soothes, and protects. They also likened it to molasses blanketing the country and sticking to it, as well as to bread dough as it rises and spreads.

When we were energetically near to covering the country, those large, angel-like beings came again. The picture I get when they come is of winged beings of such size that a human would not even equal one of their legs. These beings encircled the country along all the borders. We all concentrated on the vibration of comfort as it spread across Ukraine.

At this point, relatively soon after the angel-like beings arrived, the area of Chernobyl ‘spoke’. It needed help with raising its vibration to comfort. So much anguish was being held by the land and by the structures of the area that it needed relief which Higg(in)s was able to provide. The area of Chernobyl easily released at least some of its anguish and we then continued coating Ukraine with comfort. There was a spot near the border of Belarus, some where midway along the border where it felt as though we dumped cement along the border before we could finish bringing in comfort. Once the ‘cement’ was poured, we easily filled up the entire country of Ukraine with a deep layer of comfort. When that was complete, Higg(in)s increase the vibration gently to peace, which we held for a seemingly short time before they brought us back.

It’s funny that I cannot remember at which point the Tree Army was invoked. I believe that the Tree Army in Russia joined us at some point early on arrival of our etheric bodies to Ukraine. When we ‘arrived’ back in our respective homes, the Tree Army in the United States wanted to join, immediately followed by the Pacific Ocean. The ocean was clear about connecting with the Black Sea, so whatever energy we placed in the Pacific would flow eventually to the Black Sea.

That is all I remember about this meditation. Unfortunately, words are not describing this adventure very well. The next meditation is just a few minutes away so whether this is complete or not, gotta stop.

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