A Meditation for Peace in Ukraine, February 28, 2022 B

Tonight’s meditation included six people plus myself. It was the most powerful so far. We connected first and then achieved the level of comfort. We invoked the Tree Army as well as the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans right from the start.

It seemed to take a long time today. I am energetically exhausted but the long and short of it is: We were able to bring a lovely sense of peace to Ukraine and especially Chernobyl asked for assistance. The large angel like beings posted themselves along the border with Belarus and some beings I have not been aware of before lined the Russian border. These were especially skilled at holding firm in the energetic frequency of their choice and like steel they would not bend the frequency of comfort, and then later of peace.

At completion, we took the energy of what Higg(in)s called Super Peace and sprinkled it like fairy dust over Chernobyl and all nuclear power of any kind around the globe.

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