A Meditation for Peace in Ukraine, March 1, 2022

Although I am writing my recollection of the event on March 2, the meditation was held the evening of March 1, 2022.

We were joined last evening by a new friend located in Switzerland. This is a particular joy to me. Higgins has said many times that the Universe is fractal. If that is true, then last night we began forging a cooperative, pleasant, and agreeable international alliance that by definition must be a facet of many other such alliances. The general group that has met with Higgins through the years is well acquainted with one another by now and our new friend fit in extremely smoothly. Higgins is always considerate in that they establish a harmonious energy between each of the attendees prior to guiding us on towards the fulfillment of the prescribed energetic goal.

This harmonious energy connection was very easy to accomplish and soon Higg(in)s had us link our energy to form an overlapping ball of energy and floated us from the Pacific Northwest, where most of us are located, down the sunny west coast of the United States to pick up one person, and then east across the U. S., across the Atlantic Ocean and to Switzerland where we picked up another person. From there we easily floated to Kyiv, Ukraine, and established our point of contact over Kyiv.

This night, one participant requested that in addition to the essence of peace we would provide, would Higg(in)s also be able to in some way account for the cold which must be very uncomfortable for many who are sheltering in basements or perhaps living out of doors right now.

When this was asked, Higg(in)s paused for awhile to allow what felt like an addendum of non-physical beings to collect and define our energetic frequency. What they came up with was comfort, with the visual description of curling up in a soft chair before a warm fire, fuzzy slippers on one’s feet, and a nice cup of hot cocoa to sip on while family and friends happily occupy themselves nearby.

As is their way, Higg(in)s continually turned up the rate of energetic flow each time we were capable of holding more of the energy. Notably, the Tree Army as well as the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans participated and were maintained separately. While I do not exactly understand how that occurred, I did not feel Higg(in)s monitoring them through me as they have in the past. Occasionally, Higg(in)s did turn up the volume to accommodate them, but that is the limit of my conscious awareness of their participation.

We had been hovering over Kyiv for time (I really can’t tell time in that state) and offering the soft energy of comfort when a huge billowing, ball of energy approached me from my left. It was definitely sorrowful, some angry, some beleaguered energy aspects all approaching me in such a way I personally nearly faltered under it. If you have seen television depictions of a sandstorm hitting a village, that is the relative size of it to me. Higg(in)s buoyed me, verbally telling the group that all energy is just energy. Allow it to run through you as though it is any, more pleasant, energetic frequency. We were able to do that quite easily, it seemed.

An important thing to note, Higg(in)s made it very clear while we hovered over Kyiv, that we must hold the same energetic frequency of comfort for the Russian troops, and their military equipment as we do for the Ukrainian people. Otherwise, we create a wall of negative energy which is exactly the thing we are trying to remove. In fact, creating a wall of negative energy, by definition of the Law of Attraction, would be attractive rather than repellant to the invasion process.

I was becoming physically tired by this point, and we were only about 35 minutes into the meditation. Usually, they take 75-90 minutes start to finish. Despite my increasing fatigue, Higg(in)s pressed on, floating us to Chernobyl. Chernobyl is important in that it has carried an energetic negativity at least since the reactor meltdown that occurred in the 1980s. Higg(in)s placed us fairly low over the area where we again stabilized our apple shaped energetic bodies in cozy, warm, fireside comfort. They had us use our energetic arms to sift the soil and clean out stuck energy.

By the time we stabilized Chernobyl I was exhausted, but I received a huge energetic reward. The greatest energetic frequency I have felt in all these years of sharing Higgins and now Higg(in)s engulfed me. At one point they talked about frequency and amplitude. What I experienced, possibly we all felt it, was a huge number of beings of whatever kind all carrying the same energetic frequency which increases amplitude of a wave. This was the frequency of warm, fireside comfort magnified by hundreds of thousands (by Higg(in)s count) of souls of all kinds, synching together thus creating a wave of magnificent proportion.

There was some intention by Higg(in)s to increase the vibrational frequency to peace, however I’m certain they stopped early because I simply could not carry the energy any longer. The total length of time spent was about an hour.

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  1. simulismblog says:

    It has been a wonderful experience. I discovered group meditation and its power. Attention, intention and feelings become easier to attain and sustain than when alone. Thank you Cheryl and thanks to the meditation group.

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