Meditation for Peace in Ukraine, March 2, 2022

Tonight, I am unable to sleep after a magnificent interaction with Higg(in)s. Although the meditation ended in a timely manner, and I did go to bed, the time is now nearly midnight and so, rather than waste time, I will write about tonight’s events.

I was joined this evening by eight people. Most are from this area of northwest Washington, one from New Mexico and one from Switzerland. As is becoming their habit, Higg(in)s helped us settle our personal energy, then link our energy bodies to one another before lifting off in our etheric bodies. We ‘flew’ southeast across the U. S. to pick up our friend in New Mexico, then east across the remainder of the U. S. and then across the North Atlantic to Switzerland where we picked up one more etheric body.

Higg(in)s pushed us like pushing a bunch of aerodynamically designed helium filled balloons to what I believe they said is the southwest corner of Ukraine, immediately in the corner near Belarus. I must need to bone up on my geography because that would be the northwest corner, the area where Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine meet.

Higg(in)s set us down on the ground and had us stabilize ourselves, grounding ourselves in the Earth. They described tonight’s energy as comfort, like wrapping in a fluffy blanket or sitting before a cozy fire. They proceeded to use the metaphorical water spigot to fill us with their powerful energy template of ‘comfort’. The goal this evening, they said, was to seep into the Earth and fill every nook and cranny of Ukraine in such a way that the feeling of comfort would radiate up like a spring. The metaphor they used to describe our flow through the top layer of the Earth was of molasses oozing. While it seemed to take quite some time, it was possible to fill most of Ukraine. However, the area around Chernobyl remained resistant to our offering. Eventually, Higg(in)s changed the visual for us for filling the area around Chernobyl to Pepto-Bismol, reminding us of the old slogan, “It coats, soothes, protects.”

Chernobyl was easily able to assimilate this and soon was filled with the energy of comfort that we offered. At that time, in our corner of the country, I developed a sensation of cold or emptiness on my left side. The angel-like beings came in and settled along that border to stabilize the energy template. Before long, Higg(in)s again instructed us to take whatever energy was given to us and let it flow though us to be composted into nourishing growth medium. When that was stabilized, Higg(in)s explained that the land mass of Belarus wanted to be included in the energy flow of comfort, so we took the time it took to bathe Belarus in the same comforting energy.

Throughout this, Higg(in)s turned up the volume of energy they passed through us. Time and again they doubled the energy. We did succeed in achieving the desired vibrational equivalent of comfort. We simmered or percolated at one point for five minutes by the clock, and more added to that for Belarus. After that, Higg(in)s began that wonderful thing they do when they increase the vibrational level. They said in ten steps they would move us from comfort to peace. Although they did not give a descriptive name to each increase, they did say once that we had achieved a level of knowing that things would be alright, a sense of safety and security. Later I believe they said we had reached kindness. It was not long after that that we reached peace, love, and compassion. It was a wonderful few minutes that we basked in this energy. Then Higg(in)s took each of us home, placing us in our respective homes, in our respective chairs.

If they did anything after that, I don’t remember. Each meditation ends in the opportunity for each person to say a few sentences about their experience. After several people spoke, I began to literally feel Higg(in)s unwinding from my energy body and leaving me. Yesterday, it was an abrupt surprise, today I realized it is a really nice way for them to exit. Higgins used to take over, then leave. Both coming and going it was obvious and took several minutes. I never liked the coming back part. I felt very awkward in that transition. Higg(in)s leaving in this new way gently drops me out of trance without missing a step and I don’t feel awkward at all. It really is very nice, and I am appreciative that they have discovered this better way of transitioning in and out.

A thing I wish to note: While I transcribe these events as carefully as I can, I do not doubt that things are missed, left out, forgotten, or recorded out of order. Nevertheless, to the best of my ability and memory, this is an accurate review of the evening.

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