Meditation for Freedom in Ukraine, March 4, 2022

Tonight’s meditation was slightly different. Higg(in)s did some teaching first about learning to defend ourselves in a posture of non-violence. They asked us to bring our energy together on our own and then to lift ourselves to comfort which each person was able to do easily. The group was five including me.

Once each person achieved comfort on their own, they helped us all move up to peace a step at a time. Higg(in)s explained about believing and knowing, then safety and security. When we reached peace, Higg(in)s did something quite interesting. Higg(in)s moved us from peace to freedom and back multiple times. They said peace and freedom are, generally speaking, equally high levels of vibration but there is a difference, a half-step I think they described it as. They moved us back and forth until each person could tell the difference between peace and freedom. Freedom, they were able to share with Higg(in)s, feels a little lighter and Higg(in)s seemed pleased that they could tell the difference.

Higg(in)s then began pouring energy into us. They described us as aerodynamically designed balloons on a magic carpet experiencing no wind resistance, flying north from here to Bellingham, then north along the coast of Canada to Alaska. From Nome, Alaska we flew across the Bering Strait to Far East Russia. All along the way we sprinkled fairy dust over the land and this fairy dust is the vibrational equivalent of freedom. Freedom, Higg(in)s explained, is our birth right. Freedom is freedom of spirit. I cannot replicate what they said, but I understood freedom in those moments. Clearly, freedom is not about whether or not you have to wear a mask.

We floated across Siberia all the way to St. Petersburg, sprinkling freedom as pixie dust all along the route. We spent several minutes in St. Petersburg before floating to Moscow. We also spent a few minutes at Moscow. Then we floated south to Ukraine and here they really began to pour it on, repeatedly doubling the energy they were giving us. They described us as vast rain clouds of peace and freedom reaching across the entirety of Ukraine. We floated east to west, highlighting the Russian tanks, the recently seized nuclear plant, and Kyiv. We dumped feet and feet of freedom pixie dust on these sites.

Eventually we finished with Ukraine and made a speedy flyby starting with Finland, Norway, and Sweden and covering the entire European area down to Italy with freedom pixie dust, before flying across the North Atlantic and back home.

This was an especially lovely, albeit tiring, meditation. I think many of us were feeling exhausted by the end. It lasted nearly an hour and a half.

During last night’s meditation, which I did not post on, we became peace and radiated like the sun, irradiating everything in our path with peace. Higg(in)s likened the energy we placed to nuclear radioactivity and said it would radiate peace in Kyiv for one hundred thousand years.

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2 Responses to Meditation for Freedom in Ukraine, March 4, 2022

  1. simulismblog says:

    I would have liked to participate in this beautiful event, unfortunately it was not possible.
    It is good to see that Higg(in)s reinforces the need for freedom among the Russian people who have been subjected to autocratic regimes until today. It seems that the peace in Ukraine will have to pass by a liberation of the Russian people.

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