A Meditation for Compassion in Ukraine and Russia

Tonight, we once again got our energy synchronized and floated slowly to Ukraine via far eastern Russia. We started with a slow steady rainlike sprinkle of comfort and continually increased our vibrational level and simultaneously the volume of emotion that we sprinkled across Russia. Higg(in)s described us as a storm cloud that rained, first comfort, and finally compassion.

We spent the entire ‘trip’ across Russia increasing our vibrational level to compassion so that by the time we arrived at St. Petersburg, we rained compassion at a pretty good pace. We were stretched border to border so we covered Moscow at the same time. Higg(in)s said the point of ‘raining’ compassion was to put out emotional ‘fires’. Their choice of compassion as tonight’s emotional equivalent was to lay a foundation where human mistakes can be corrected, where corrections will be accepted.

After a good soaking of these two cities, Higg(in)s moved us to Ukraine where we took up posts on the borders and surrounded the country. We poured and poured on Ukraine while occasionally moving one position to the left. There were seven of us tonight and we moved six times to the left, each time Higg(in)s assured us this is so that our own particular version of compassion was shared.

We then began to spread out, like pizza dough they said, so that eventually we surrounded the Earth in one big thick cloud of compassion and rained upon the Earth. When we were done, they has us surround Ukraine once again, this time to give special compassionate attention to the nuclear plants. Higg(in)s told us these plants are not happy to be abused. Apparently, the threatening way Putin talks about things nuclear is unpleasant to the nuclear plants. They do not want to be a part of causing harm.

We then floated gently back to our homes by completing a circuit of the Earth, via Europe, the North Atlantic, the East Coast of the U. S, across the Midwest and finally back to our chairs.

Everyone had a chance to share about their experience before we closed for the evening.

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