Meditation for No-fly Zone in Ukraine

Ukraine has been clear in their repeated request for aid in the form of a no-fly zone, so Higg(in)s created one. Higg(in)s asked us to find the energetic equivalent of comfort. While we found this comfortable energetic feeling inside ourselves Higg(in)s asked us to find something positive about Vladimir Putin. They suggested that he is intelligent, some would consider him handsome, and he is clearly able to focus powerfully on achieving what he wants.

The reason for finding something positive about Putin is to eliminate resistance between him and us and the vibration we are placing.

We then lifted off as balloons with no wind resistance and we floated and bobbed playfully to Switzerland to pick up our friend there and then on we finished the journey to Ukraine. In Ukraine, we floated together, but a little differently than usual. Usually, we link metaphorical arms. Today, they ‘tethered’ us together like a child or dog on a leash so no matter which direction we moved, we all stayed together but it allowed us latitude to move playfully as they slowly inched our energy from comfort all the way to peace and then freedom.

As we swirled in the skies above Ukraine, we radiated this energy all around. Higg(in)s described it as a thick layer of peanut butter that we spread over the region. After achieving the equivalent of freedom, and spreading it around for a while, they let the lovely energy wash through each of us, through our skin, bones, lungs, feet, etc…Whatever the final endpoint is that Higg(in)s looks for, we must have achieved it soon after that, because they floated us home.

We were nine people tonight and the entire meditation was about an hour.

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