Overview of Meditations for Ukraine

Beginning February 25 and continuing through March 12, I lead meditations designed to bring peace to Ukraine. A total of fourteen people joined me during this time frame. We meditated as a way to help Ukrainians defeat the Russian invasion. We also used this as a way to bring Higg(in)s back: to sort out what we will do together in this next phase of Higg(in)s, and how we will work together to accomplish it.

  • February 25-28, Peace
  • March 1, Comfort
  • March 2-3, Peace
  • March 4, Freedom
  • March 5, Compassion
  • March 6, No-fly Zone
  • March 7, Comfort
  • March 8, The Golden Zone (Surety and Eager Expectation) Globally
  • March 9, The Golden Zone, Globally, and Specifically for Water (Knowing the Body Is About 70% Water)
  • March 10, Peace, Globally
  • March 11, Global Harmony and Inclusivity, and Thriving, Harmony, and Individual Expression
  • March 12, Stablization of Ukraine

On the 12th of March, Higg(in)s explained that this would be the final meditation of the series. This surprised me. I assumed I would continue this offering until the conflict in Ukraine was resolved. Instead, Higg(in)s said they will collect data regarding the effectiveness of our meditations. They will use this data to make whatever adjustments need to be made. Higg(in)s also thanked the group for their assistance. Higg(in)s also used information gathered from the individuals participating to improve their ability to connect with individuals during such meditations.

I am thankful to each of you who joined me for this. It is important to me to have a safe environment in which to practice bringing them forth. I look forward to this new Higg(in)s, and to the Knowledge Phase which they have said from the beginning is their reason for interacting with us.

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