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The Kindness Paradigm (26)

It is strange to me that seemingly every political candidate runs their race on a platform of ‘change’ yet as a people we don’t have a clear vision of what change looks like. So I am developing The Kindness Paradigm as a guideline … Continue reading

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I Don’t Feel Compassion For My Husband

Question:     I don’t feel compassion for my husband. Higgins:     Compassion is a wonder-full emotion. A heart filled with this emotion is a happy heart. The development of compassion is all about you and you living life fully and in harmony … Continue reading

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Follow-up on How to Speak Without Judgement

Question: Hi Higgins –  Back on December 18, in a comment on How to Speak Without Judgement, you said the following:  “Include within your deep understanding the broadest scope of man on Earth and man and earth, still feel a … Continue reading

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