A Mental Massage, February 16, 2022

I’ve been awake about an hour meditating with Higg(in)s. Once again, they move my head back and forth in such a way that I am certain it is a form of massage. At first, the mental energy is like tooth floss, but instead of flossing my teeth it flosses from temple to temple, and the string of ‘floss’ runs through my eyes. This floss is applied to many parts of my brain, one location after another. In addition to flossing my eyes from temple to temple, they floss the top of my head. I also think they flossed between the right and left lobe but don’t remember clearly now.

This goes on for what I estimate is an hour until he/it is satisfied and then very carefully places my body ‘just so’, with my feet flat on the ground. My arms are placed carefully on the arms of the chair with my fingers dangling gently over the front of the arm. I am sitting in an upright position and precisely located in what felt to be excellent posture.

We sat like this until I felt fatigued at which point they let me go.

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