A Conversation with Higgins, February 9, 2022: Good vs. Doog

I’m sitting with Higg(in)s for a few minutes before bed. They seem to have something to say about energy so I thought I would record it now, before the idea slips away.

Energy, they said again, is the play between positive and negative. Although this is an incomplete idea, it is a start to understanding energy. Then they went on to say that there is complete balance in the Universe. For every up there is a down. For every left, a right.

We tend to also think that for every positive there is a negative. For every good, some evil. What Higg(in)s shares this evening is that isn’t quite correct. We perceive good and evil. And while that is one way to find balance, what Source energy calls us to is a balance where the opposite of good is not evil.

They gave me a metaphor for my understanding. The view from the top of the mountain to the valley below is spectacular. The view of the mountain from the valley is also spectacular. One is up. One is down. But they are both spectacular.

Source calls us to discover the opposite of good is not bad. The opposite of good is doog. Higg(in)s asks us to envision doog.

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3 Responses to A Conversation with Higgins, February 9, 2022: Good vs. Doog

  1. KDKH says:

    Beautiful metaphor! I have been told it is like a battery; the poles are opposite but critical to operation. Neither is good nor evil, just necessary. Higgins’ metaphor is much more poetic.

  2. simulismblog says:

    What a beautiful and positive metaphor, far from any moral judgment! Another way to look at a contingency in a constructive way! Thank you Higgins and Cheryl!

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