An Interaction with Higg(in)s, February 8, 2022

I closed my eyes last night. Only a few minutes passed before a light appeared in my field of vision. It was on the right side and as it floated nearer it got quite bright. Even though my eyes were shut, I had to divert my eyes the light was so bright. When I looked back, the light was still there. I watched it approach, but again it got so bright I had to divert my eyes.

On the third attempt, I was able to keep my eyes focused on the light which floated closer. I could see it well enough to determine it was shaped like a bullet. This golden bullet of light floated into my head, still on the right side, and lodged itself in my brain. If I had to guess, I would guess it landed in the temporal lobe, but I really couldn’t say.

I awaited that feeling that comes when they jump into my body, but it did not happen in the thirty seconds or less that I remained awake.

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