A Conversation with Higgins, February 5, 2022

I awakened around 3 AM and felt inspired to connect with Higgins. I made my way into the sitting room and connected easily. They moved my head in circles for a long time, both counterclockwise and clockwise. As the circles got smaller and smaller an intense pressure developed on the right side of my brain in what I believe is the parietal lobe area. It was a small, circular area on the top of my head, on the right and the farthest back on the top of my head before the skull rounds, or maybe just as it begins to round. The area of pressure was about the size of a silver dollar.

After some time, my body was allowed to slump and that being stepped out and a next being stepped in. What was interesting was that as one moved out, it ‘said’, “Who’s next?” to me. “Who is this?” It was odd. It seemed the one leaving thought I would recognize the next being, but I did not.

This next being began another series of head movements and during this time, he/it impressed into my blank mind, Higg(in)s. This thought or impression came to me again and again and finally I asked whether Higgins would like to be referred to as Higg(in)s from now on. At this point, that being left and a third being stepped in briefly to clarify. Yes, from now on Higgins is Higg(in)s. It was funny-strange because right after than I got an intense itch in my left eye and had to rub it and as I did so, the being left without ceremony. Gone.

This entire exchange took about an hour and a half. These fifteen-minute morning meditations are misnamed. In fact, several times yesterday they impressed into my mind that thirteen hours a week is what they would like to achieve. This happened multiple times on the drive to work and home again.

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