A Conversation with Higgins, February 3, 2022

I have been following Simulismblog with interest. M. Rifat has been explaining physics in simple terms and from time-to-time Higgins has had something to add. Most recently, I have asked Higgins about M. Rifat’s post from April 4, 2021, entitled What Is Matter? I approached them with this in December, but they were fading out about then and have been ‘gone’ or at least distant for several weeks.

During this time, I have been able to get a tentative connection that was at least strong enough to provide a couple of telephone consults. Interestingly, the beings working with me were new, meaning from this new phase, the Knowledge phase. Yet, the information and energy they provided seemed entirely Wisdom phase.

Since Higgins does continue to say ‘ask’, I decided to ask about matter, energy and light. When we approach this topic, I get a little tense since the fact is I have very little training in physics. I took two courses in college, Physics 101 and 201 if I remember correctly. The point is, it was a long time ago and I don’t have a strong vocabulary for Higgins to work with.

Today’s story starts here. Last night I asked about matter, light, and energy. What are they?

I didn’t get a response last night. I did wake up this morning doing the death rattle, so I know they worked with me during my sleep. I haven’t caught them in the last couple or three weeks so they’re back. That’s a good start.

This morning, I sat down to do my daily meditation. (I’ve been fairly consistent giving them the 15 minutes a day they ask for.) I repeated that I would like to know about matter, energy, and light. What are they?

Today, their response was a bit different than usual. They began rolling my head in counterclockwise circles. They did this a long time, and I began to feel a pressure in the back of my head in the area of the parietal lobe. It may have drifted over into the occipital lobe area but I am uncertain of that. When the pressure became quite intense, they stopped and moved my head in the same circle in the clockwise direction eventually moving to smaller and smaller circles before stopping.

Next, they moved my arms. They pulled my arms out in a position somewhere between ballet position one and two, but keeping my elbows anchored to the arm of the chair. An energy flow began between my hands and when it became intense enough, they slowly, slowly moved my hands towards my heart. The energy disappeared as it reached my heart. They moved my hands out again and did the same thing, collecting energy and then placing it just under the umbilical region.

After this, they spent some time around me. I can’t quite describe it. My mind was very quiet. My field of vision moved towards completely black, although areas of light drifted through and around. Eventually, I became very, very still. They set my feet one at a time on the floor, just so, and my arms one at a time, resting on the arms of the chair with my fingers dangling over the front of the chair’s arm. They positioned my back and head into perfect posture and held me that way for several minutes.

During this time when we were so silent and still, I felt a message from them regarding matter, energy, and light. The message was: All things begin in the space between something and nothing. Possibly the message was: All things begin in the interplay between something and nothing.

And then they were gone.

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2 Responses to A Conversation with Higgins, February 3, 2022

  1. simulismblog says:

    For modern physics matter, energy and light are of the same fundamental nature, a nature that links them to information. Perhaps Higgins’ answer could refer to the origin of the Big Bang, when primordial information begins to create energy and then matter… On one side only information, on the other nothing… until information gives rise to the universe.

    It is interesting to re-read Higgins’ June 30, 2017 response to the question, “What does Higgins Think about Energy and information?” This answer reflects a very subtle understanding of physics.

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