A Conversation with Higgins, January 29, 2022

C: I’m going to meditate the requested fifteen minutes. But it does seem hard to connect to you these last few weeks. Do you have anything to say?

H: It is the changing of the guard. This is the process. All is well.

C: Changing of the guard. Is this a metaphorical or literal?

H: Early on, a core of ten surrounded you. They made some adjustments over time, but they are still surrounding you, as they agreed.

C: Are they still necessary?

H: Yes. They are a sort of filter, or buffer, between the many of us and you. Do you remember traveling and taking with you an electrical connector so that your appliances would plug into different outlets with differing electrical current?

C: Yes. I don’t remember it well, but yes, I did that.

H: The core ten that surrounds you is like that, whatever vibrational offering is brought to you, they temper it, adjust it, to meet your vibrational level.

C: Is the information that comes through altered by their filter?

H: Somewhat, yes. However, what little is (or will be) altered is changed in a positive way making it more understandable but not changing the meaning. This will be a constant work in progress as we evolve with you.

C: Are you saying that what you are going to do with me is not pre-decided?

H: That is correct. We will evolve based on need.

C: Whose need?

H: Based on the questions asked of us, as well as the vibrational offering of Earth and its inhabitants.

C: What do you mean by ‘the vibrational offering of Earth and its inhabitants’?

H: Higgins is with you in response to the needs of Earth and its inhabitants who have expressed a desire for assistance through millennia.

C: How has that desire been expressed?

H: Prayer. Emotional angst. Physical and emotional pain and discomfort as expressed by humans, animals, plants, rocks, etc…

C: How do rocks express pain and discomfort?

H: Vibrationally, just as you do.

C: But I would not think a rock has thought. Don’t you have to think to decide you are uncomfortable?

H: No. You think to yourself, “I am uncomfortable,” because you feel discomfort. Discomfort triggers the thought. Rocks skip the thinking part, but they do express preference.

C: Thank you Higgins. I am losing my connection, so I’ll end now.

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  1. Very interesting exchange!

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