A Conversation with Higgins. Or Is It A Conversation with Benu?

Benu is the Archangel Gabriel, beautifully brought forth by a woman named Karen Cook in New Mexico. Benu has been a friend of my sister in law for many years. Recently, Benu presented through me when I thought I was bringing Higgins out to talk with her. I feel a little weird, attempting to bring forth a being that is not ‘mine’, but I pressed forward since I know she has loved Benu for so long . I apologize to Karen. I could not hope to present Benu with more clarity, compassion, and humor than she has.

I have typed the conversation below. I interpreted his name as Ariel. This error bothers me. I assume it is secondary to the fact that I am not especially familiar with the Archangels. I do not believe that any of them are within Higgins. Nevertheless, it does remind me that from time to time I do not choose the correct word. How the connection between me and Higgins works is still a mystery to me.


C: Since last night I have been feeling that Benu would like to say something to (name removed) through me. Is this the case?

Benu: Yes.

C: What do I need to do to receive it? You feel distant.

H: Relax. Wait. It will come.

C: Okay.

H: You are rushing. Allow us the fifteen minutes we ask for.

C: Okay. I feel in a hurry.

H: If you cannot offer us the time we need, then wait until you are can. In this instance, it is not we, or Benu, who is not ready. It is you. Relax. All is well.

Ariel/Benu: Greetings. Yes. I am Ariel. Thank you for bringing me forth. I have a message for my friend, whom you call (name removed).

H: Relax, Friend. Take a break. We need to have a discussion with Benu. Stopping communication.

(Comment from Cheryl: This was a peculiar moment. Benu was about to say something when Higgins jumped in and stopped the whole thing. I wouldn’t call it a tussle, but definitely Benu was about to do something out of bounds.)

A couple of hours later I sit down to try again.

C: Do I understand that you are ready?

Benu: Yes.

C: What is your message for (name removed)?

(Comment from Cheryl: As I await the message from Benu, I feel him envelop me but he is much more serious than before, even though I could still feel his humor and good attitude spilling over. I attempted to discern the difference and the best I could understand is that Higgins asked Benu, or coached Benu, to interact with me a little differently than he had planned. It wasn’t that Benu was different, it’s just that he felt different. I guess it is like getting together with a friend in jeans in a sweatshirt vs. meeting the same friend in a suit and tie.)

Benu: This is a message about control. Dear friend, you must give up control in order to take control. Having lived with you now for several days I better understand how to help you.

You continue to attempt to control your life by looking backwards. You get where you are, you look around and wonder why everyone else isn’t synching with you. You will have more success if you lead your life by looking forward. Meaning, before you get there, you must have already created the life you just stepped into.

If you will spend a few minutes every day creating your next day you will have more success.

Tonight, begin an evening routine of setting your positive intentions.

  • Miracles happen
  • Miracles have happened to me
  • More miracles are on their way

If these words do not feel like yours, try others.

  • I value friendship
  • I value being a good friend
  • I value being valued as a good friend

Or perhaps…

  • I like feeling peaceful
  • Peace feels like a comforting blanket
  • I can be peace wherever I am, in any circumstance

When you get to every tomorrow and something wonderful happens, you will know your preparations were successful.

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